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I can never quite figure out if I like link round-up type posts in other people’s blogs.  Some links are great, some I don’t get, but there are always things you find that need to be shared, so it appears I’ve decided I need one of those post types too.  I don’t expect these to be a regularly scheduled thing … I’ll admit I’m picky about what I share.

It should be noted that there can be a fine line between inspiration and distraction.   I discovered that yesterday when trying to focus on writing while looking out at this gorgeous view.

The view from my hotel room in Niagara Falls, complete with rainbow to make it even more perfect!


There’s been lots of stuff crossing my path lately about body image.  While I’m generally at least reasonably content in my own skin, there have been some powerful reminders that I don’t have to buy into what the world sells.

Thanks Ellie Di for being so brutally honest and on point in Change the way you think about what you think!

Dianne Sylvann’s Ten Rules for Fat Girls definitely made me stop and ponder.  I’m pretty sure those rules apply to practically anyone who’s ever thought their body wasn’t good enough, no matter what size, shape or colour.

With being on vacation and driving a lot, I was a little slow on reading Kyeli’s Change through self-love but it was just what I needed … a big hotel bathroom complete with jacuzzi tub, glass walk-in shower and lots of big mirrors was a great place to remind myself.  Kyeli’s right! “The world will not be changed by negativity” and that starts right at my own self.

On a different topic, Maryellen at Front Porch Revolution is on the right track.  What if gratitude was fashionable? Wait, maybe it’s not really a different topic after all … If we were grateful for the bodies we had, maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to buy into the media telling us that something else is better or more beautiful.  Hmmm… something to think about there.



Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves and if you are one or know one, you just have to watch Why Religious People Are Nerds.  I’ll give you the same warning my brother gave me … don’t be drinking or eating anything when you go to watch this.  It’ll get messy!

This one is a bit old but in the category of smiles this has to be included …Everything in the Garden is Rosy. I love it when people notice the little details in the world around them.


Hope lots of inspires and smiles are being found in your world too.  Feel free to share =)



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Halls wrappper message: Don't give up on you.

Yup, it's really a candy wrapper.

I didn’t plan on writing a blog post tonight. The reality is that as excited as I was about starting this blog, I got intimidated by what I had started and my own self talk managed to turn it into something I was inclined to avoid. I had told myself that I “should” post once a week. I hate “shoulds”. I run away from them everytime. I’ve spent too much of my life feeling trapped by shoulds and yet somehow that was the word I used with myself about this blog.

Thankfully, I also decided that I was going to particpate in a writing apprenticeship focusing on heart-based writing. Today was my first one-on-one session with Kyeli. Let me just say she’s awesome and super insightful and you really need to go check out Connection Revolution if you haven’t already. We looked at a lot of stuff today that touched some pretty deep places in my heart, stuff I didn’t expect. I’m certain that some of that “stuff” is going to find its way into blog posts here but I need some time to sit with and delve into those spots before they find their way onto a page.

It always amazes me how just what you need arrives in unexpected ways. I am a spiritual person but I’ll be honest and say that I don’t have a clear sense of what my faith looks like at this point in my journey. Sometimes though you just can’t help but realize that God … the universe, the goddess, Allah, the divine spirit, whatever name you call “It” … speaks. Sometimes the voice is tiny and quiet and only audible when we’re paying attention. Sometimes the message is so clear, it might as well be on a flashing neon, billboard sized sign that seems it must be visible to the whole world.

It started with my conversation with Kyeli, then there was Ellie’s blog post about jumping in even when you are scared on The Headologist. The message was pretty clear, but then I stopped to get a Halls Vitamin C throat drop. They have messages on the wrapper that usually make me cringe, because they’re exactly the kind of thing I don’t want to hear when I have a cold. Today, I couldn’t throw the wrapper out. I stuck it in my journal. I took a picture and then I wrote a blog post.

The divine’s message is pretty clear. I’m on the path I need to be on, even though it’s scary and I feel vulnerable, even though I don’t know the final destination or even the next waystation on the journey. It’s okay. Moving forward is the right choice … not necessarily the easy choice … but it is the choice that I both want and need to take. There is no going back, there is only moving forward … or as someone rather famous once said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

I vote for “Do”.

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