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watching as I wait
two jet black crows
garbage can across the road
longingly stalked
for potential
treasure inside
stare with plotting eyes
hop into the air
wings furiously flap
as beak attempts to grab
thin plastic is torn
a tiny bit more
repeat again
and again
treasure remains
trapped inside
What defines the line
between futility
and persistence?

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It all starts hereLittle did I know when it arrived in my mailbox but an email I received one year ago today was a tiny seed that would blossom in ways I never expected and change so many things in my world.

On May 16, 2011, an email from Susan Kennedy (aka SARK) arrived.

Dear Heartfull Karen-

Do you want to write and share what’s in your heart? I’ll be teaching you how to get the words out of your heart and onto paper in the World Changing Writing Workshop! …

If you want to share your words with the world, this is for you.Getting ready to bloom

I investigated.  I discovered the Connection Revolution with Pace and Kyeli. My heart sung and I signed up. Just before the workshop started, I wrote these words on my old blog.

I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I love the physical experience of putting pen to paper and watching words flow into life. But at the same time the vulnerability of that process can terrify me into silence, procrastination and self-sabotage so I don’t have to face the fear and take the risk.

Writing is like taking a little piece of your soul and leaving it out there for someone to stomp on or ridicule. I’ve been in that place and cried more tears than the person who did the stomping was worth but that experience leaves a mark and makes me want to avoid the possibility of it happening ever again.

I’m a glass half full kind of person and in most areas of my life that’s exactly how I choose to live my life. Very rarely have I made that same choice recently in regards to what I write. But I know that there are more words that I need to write and that at some point they need to move beyond just being words on a page for me.

Expanding bloomsThat workshop allowed so many beautiful things to begin to bloom in my life.  I began to remember things that were important to me.  Dreams I’d thought would never come to life.

I took another leap of faith and committed to a six month writing apprenticeship with Kyeli who helped grow as much in my life as in my writing. That love-hate relationship with writing? The hate and fear melted away as I discovered how much I adored the time I spend in front of my computer, bent over my notebook, thumb typing on my phone, letting words flow onto the page or screen. Free to be me.  Confident that my words had a place in this world.

Ready to bloomI made connections with people I would never have met.  Supported and encouraged by people I may never meet face-to-face.  They introduced me to others who would cause even more growth. More blossoms bursting open, fragrant, sweet, colourful.

New friendships growing.  Old friendships being renewed. New vistas opening up.  New adventures beginning.

Now, my heart does feel full, overflowing even.  Open to whatever life has to offer. It’s amazing what one seed can grow.

Almost there

Kyeli and Pace recently updated the tagline for the Connection Revolution. It now says “where dreamers blossom into world-changers”. That’s how this last year feels.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all sunshine and flowers. When I sat down to write earlier today, there weren’t any words ready to come out.  My brain was running too many different places.

I chose to be gentle with myself.

I read. I listened to things that inspire me.  I was quiet.

When I got home, I saw the pink rhodo in our front yard, with blossoms in every stage. Suddenly, there were the words, ready to bloom.  They just needed some space to find their way.

Blossoms in full bloom

Oh, that old blog?  I made my first post on it in June 2007 and it took until November 2011 to accumulate 18 posts.  This blog? I began on August 1, 2011 at the end of WCWW2 and this will be post number 33.

What seeds are taking root in your world? Are they starting to bloom or are they still tender sprouts that need much love and care?

Maybe, you’re like I was a year ago and you just waiting for a seed to plant.

If writing’s your thing, or even if it’s not yet, but you want it to be your thing, can I recommend you check out this year’s workshop?

You have stories that are worth telling. You can trust Pace and Kyeli.  They make a safe place to grow.

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Wow!  How did it get to be two weeks since I posted?

In the past, after writing a post like An Apology and An Invitation … assuming that I ever managed to hit publish and tell people it existed … I would have gone into hiding mode, filled with regret and anxiety about how people would react.  Writing would have been the last thing I wanted to do.  I’d have been too scared of what else might appear on the page before me.  I’d have been doing my emotional imitation of a turtle or at least an ostrich.

While you haven’t seen anything in my space here, I haven’t been doing that.  I hit publish and I felt so free.  Vulnerable?  Yup, definitely.  But more importantly, I felt empowered.

The last two weeks have just been really busy in an awesome way. It still is, but I promised myself that this week I was going to make time for writing and resting in the midst of the crazy busy-ness. There have been so many things and people that help make my world wonderful. I thought it was a great time for another dozen.

In no particular order … and definitely not a comprehensive list! …

One Dozen: Things I Adore

  1. Sustainable passion. Those aren’t words you often hear  together.  They might actually count as an oxymoron, but when I read Rachelle’s post on Magpie Girl, my heart felt at home.   I want to “dance in that glory for a lifetime.” How about you?
  2. My new cat, Toes.  She found us and decided to call us home early in December.  She cracks me up with her antics.  Her full name is Mobius Hoover Toes.  I’ve never seen a cat sleep in sillier twisted positions. She can inhale treats faster than any vacuum. She has the cutest little white toes.  She can’t replace SkitSkat, but she warms my heart.Mobius Hoover Toes
  3. Listening to Michael Nobbs’ One Thing Today podcasts as I walk to the bus each morning.  In the midst of my cubicleland day job, that reminder helps me find time during the day to be creative, whether it’s writing on my breaks or stopping to take a photograph of something that catches my eye.
  4. Cherry blossom time.  Need I say more?  Maybe just a picture of the tree in our front yard.  It’s a little sad that the petals have started to fall, but “pink snow” on the lawn is still awesome.  I do admit I don’t exactly adore the petals on the hood of my nice red car, Suzy.  Time for a car wash.Cherry Blossom Time
  5. Liona Boyd’s Seven Journeys: Music for the Soul and the Imagination. My dad has had her albums for years, but I fell in love with her music during her concert in Chemainus last fall.  This album has become my favourite music when I sit down to write and I adore how she has created a new story out of adversity.
  6. I adored this picture enough that I’ve managed to keep a browser window open on my phone for about 3 weeks. Every time I see it, it makes me take a big deep breath and sigh with contentment and peace.
  7. creativejoy150-2Creative Joy. Doesn’t that phrase immediately bring a smile to your face? I can’t wait for my vacation time. I’m heading to New York state for the Creative Joy retreat. Let me know if you’re going too. Last thing I checked there was still space. If your well of creative joy is feeling dry, the retreat leaders have also assembled a fabulous and free workbook that is juicy with inspiration.  You can download it here.
  8. I know I’ve seen this poem before, but when I came across it the other day, it made my heart sing. Imagine if we all lived our lives believing that “God Says Yes” to each one of us.Wildflowers Everywhere
  9. They say April shower bring May flowers.  I’m loving the flowers that are everywhere.  From the wildflowers along my path to the bus or the planters downtown, there are blossoms everywhere. I adore the riot of colour.Riot of Colours
  10. The 3rd annual World Changing Writing Workshop. The 2nd annual workshop rocked my world.  This blog wouldn’t exist without it and the writing apprenticeship that I did with Kyeli just after was seriously life-changing. Registration for the 3rd year opens tomorrow and I can’t wait.  I already know I’m going to adore it.
  11. Ice Cream Sprinkles … or cupcakes sprinkles for that matter.  They’re just so happy and fun, even the thought of them brightened my lunch break.  Drat!  It’s kind of late for ice cream at 11:15 pm.  Tomorrow =)
  12. I did save the best thing for last.  On Saturday, I had the amazing privilege of helping officiate at the wedding of two very dear friends.  They had a marriage commissioner there to do the legal stuff and make it official but they asked me to lead the rest of the ceremony.  There are few things in life more special than that.  The day was beautiful and the ceremony was everything we wanted and planned it to be.  I also had a lot of fun making a crazy number of cupcakes. Congratulations Chris & Hunter! Thank you.  I adore you both.Chris & Hunter Panda Cake Toppers

What makes your world more wonderful? What do you adore?


In case you wondered, no affiliate links here.  I adore them so much I had to share the good stuff.

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