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Rainbow coloured outlines
Painted in the square
Bodies sprawled out
Cut down in the midst of life
Holding hands
Clinging to one another
Around a globe
Two simple words
Remember Orlando

Remember Orlando

Watching countless people
Walk straight across
Eyes averted
Or unaware of
Horror represented
Under their feet

I don’t know
When it appeared
Maybe they’ve seen it
Everyday and grown
Maybe they only see
Rainbow colours
Leftover Pride graffiti
Nothing to see here

I see it today for the first time
My heart weeps
Lives cut short by hate
I stop

My heart weeps more
I know there is much
Since that horrible night
I know we can’t hold
Our lives would be

But the lack of care
To realize some
Almost certainly
Counts themselves as allies
Their Pride duty done

To hear a parent ignore
A child’s question
Hey look! What is this?
Their response
Hurry the child along
I understand protecting
But at what cost?


White hetero-normative appearing
Twenty-something couple
Pauses to look
A sliver of my faith restored
Traffic slows
Their words clear
In the silence

Okay. I know some people died, but
Do we really need to have this

I sit back down
I write
I take photographs
Knowing they are not
For me
I will not forget
But much of the world will


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On March 25th, I bought a new journal. It’s not like it takes much for me to want to bring a new journal home.  There’s something about the blank, lined pages that makes my heart smile. There’s so much possibility. What will those pages contain?

That little bit of mystery is part of the temptation that is so hard to resist. This time I knew exactly what would fill these pages.

Wake Up Smiling Journal

Gratitude. For silly things. For sublime things. For profound and powerful things. For things that only seem important to me. For things that make a difference on a grand scale.

It might seem counterintuitive given the “wake up smiling” title on the journal, but each night before I turn off my light and go to sleep, I’ve been spending a few moments writing down at least three things from my day that make me grateful.

Some nights, many things flow onto the page fast enough that my pen can hardly keep up. Other nights, I have to stop and think back through my day to find moments of gratitude.

Those are the moments that help me to wake up smiling. Those few minutes thinking back over my day and recording my gratitude leave me ready to sleep, at peace and content with my world. Secure in the knowledge that no matter how crazy the day has been or how I’m feeling, there is beauty in my world. There is cause to be grateful. There is joy to be found even in the smallest moments.

This weekend I also happened to take photos of the things that ended up on my gratitude list.

Lambs in the Daffodils

Every spring, I hope to see the lambs in this daffodil field.

Tomato Season Has Begun

Tomato seasons in Victoria, BC has begun.

Fabulous Finger Peeler

Love my new vegetable peeler. Peeled all the veggies for a roast beef dinner and my hands didn’t end up sore and grumpy.

Ready for a Perfect Afternoon

A cup of a delicious Angelwater tea from Silk Road, in my favourite tea cup from a dear friend, ready to sit down and read River of Stars, the brand new book from my favourite author, Guy Gavriel Kay. No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

What about you? What are you grateful for in this moment? What is making your heart happy?

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It’s been a great day.  It’s the Victoria Fringe Festival for the next two weeks.  After tweeting a three word review yesterday about the first show we saw, I won a pair of tickets to a show of my choice.  How awesome is that!

After picking up my free tickets, I discovered a new mural that’s just coming to life and enjoyed a delicious roasted pineapple frozen treat from Fruition Paletas. Sorry, no picture of the tasty treat, I was too busy eating it!

in progress mural

Can’t wait to see the finished version.  I’ll definitely be back to take pictures! I wish that I didn’t work Wednesday.  They’re inviting people to come and help paint for a donation to a good cause.  How much fun would that be!

Loved this perfectly round dahlia that I spotted during a shopping stop in between today’s shows.

orange dahlia

I think I’ll make a bonus page to keep track of Victoria Fringe 2012 fun.  I’ve seen three shows so far and I enjoyed all three!


Bonus page made!  You can find my thoughts on my Fringe Adventures here.  Support your local theatres =)


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Some days are filled with so many moments to notice and memories to capture.

Who can pick just one?  Not me apparently!

Raven Baroque Ensemble

Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, BC

Roaming Chicken

Chocolate Love

Olive Oil Reflections

Thistle Close-Up

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Sometimes doing silly things is just the right ending … beginning? … to your day.

Elevator Beacon Nighttime

Nothing like creating memories with my niece on a late night  … very early morning … photography adventure while wearing our pajamas.

We stopped back during daylight hours for some additional photos.

Elevator Beacon Daytime

Love that the developer of this huge shopping complex still under construction is being intentional about making it a beautiful, welcoming, community space.

Elevator Beacon in  Context

The new levels of the parking garage are going to be hiding behind those decorative panels on the level below the tower.

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